Aorus unboxing | New mari rig

Aorus 1080ti extreme edition unboxing for The Mari Channel blog. My old texturing rig was on its last leg, dust devils was raging and long render times exporting out from Mari. A new graphics card and a m.2 scratch disk had to be installed in the new machine that will serve as the Main texturing machine from here on forward. The old machine will be mainly for rendering in Maya Renderman and Katana as it does not need as good GPU as when using Mari.

will come back with thoughts and verdict later on

Author: The Mari Channel

Peter Aversten Lead Texture artist and Blogger. Started in the 90s writing about graphic art and 3d in Mac Art & Design and VFX art and design magazines under the collumn The Meshmen. In the 2000s I began my journey within VFX and now working as texture artists and blogging in the subject.

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