Bullets Included 3.0 Teaser

Update in progress and its going to be a 3.0 series of the old trusted Gatling gun asset. I’m planning to recreate the asset from scratch using the added features in Mari 3.0 and also take a look at colour management for texture artists and lookdev using Renderman 21.

Stay tuned


Author: The Mari Channel

Peter Aversten Lead Texture artist and Blogger. Started in the 90s writing about graphic art and 3d in Mac Art & Design and VFX art and design magazines under the collumn The Meshmen. In the 2000s I began my journey within VFX and now working as texture artists and blogging in the subject.

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  1. Really looking forward to the new tutorial, Peter. The Mari,Gatling 2 tutorials are still very helpful.



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    • Hey thank you Peter. I just got another set of renderman tutorials for pixar out of the door, so now my focus will go back to the new series with mari 3 features. Will be incremental updates, stay tuned.

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