Cinesite VFX London HDR

Back at the crime scene early in the morning, the usually busy Soho is now empty. It almost feels like the zombie apocalypse is in full effect. But no! It’s just very early on a Saturday morning and most sane people are still asleep. Me….? I’m sane in my own way and I’m here in front of Cinesite where I have entered the doors many times to do what I do best and that would be Visual Effects.

Since I arrived from frosty Sweden I have worked here at Cinesite on numerous movies performing texturing, look development and lighting. However this time I’m here for my own purpose which is taking some HDR images around Soho. I wonder what the receptionist was thinking when I showed up in front of Medius House, the home of Cinesite London. He has signed me in on many occasions. This time I came, I captured, I left….for the next victim like a thief in the morning light.

Cinesitepreviw Cinesite VFX London HDR

download Cinesite VFX London HDR

Signup-300x43 Cinesite VFX London HDR

Author: TheMariChannel

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