Cross Fade

Everyone watching Star Wars knows the concept of cross fades. The most iconic would be the circular wipe. It dictates the change in time and location in the film world. I’m about to perform a circular wipe from one company to another. It’s a journey through space and time. The spacial travel will be a few hundred meters down the road on Wardour Street, from Cinesite to MPC. The time is unknown and marked by X.

The letter X is what brought me to London and the UK. I came to to work on X-Men: Days of Future Past. It was a gloomy March day back in 2014 and I had the opportunity to make a post apocalyptic New York City.  My initial stay was intended to be just three months for a short gig. The gig kept being extended for longer and longer intervals and the movies kept swooshing by one after the other, almost like circular wipes.

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The time has now come for me to leave Cinesite, my home away from home for the past two and a half years. It’s a great company with a lot of talented people that make your day interesting and exciting. In my career I have now ticked a lot of boxes when it comes to company size and scope. I have worked for tiny companies with me as a one man band to one of the largest in Sweden (Fido). Then, moving on in time and space was Cinesite, a pretty large player on the international market. Now it’s time to cross dissolve to one of the “Titans” in the VFX industry…MPC. I’m excited to start work for a company of such magnitude and good reputation globally.

“The future is unknown and it’s marked by X”

To my friends at Cinesite! Thanks for this time, I will see you at the pub and at the Pyke for “Geek lunches!”

Hello MPC here I come!

Author: The Mari Channel

Peter Aversten Lead Texture artist and Blogger. Started in the 90s writing about graphic art and 3d in Mac Art & Design and VFX art and design magazines under the collumn The Meshmen. In the 2000s I began my journey within VFX and now working as texture artists and blogging in the subject.

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