F&V K4000s Bi-color led light

Unboxing the K4000s Bi-color led light from F&V. I got some additional help from my “guard” dog Naala in this unboxing video.

The Light itself is a nice combo of ease of use and portability. I really like that you can power it with V-mount batteries which makes it a contender for me to take out in the field. I will make a more in depth demonstration in a later episode.

Let’s look at what is inside the box….

The light

K40001 F&V K4000s Bi-color led light

The K4000s a square led light with a nice form factor and easy to use controls at the back


K40002 F&V K4000s Bi-color led light

Here you see both of my K4000 lights together

Vmount battery adapter

A nice feature is the option to run the light on industry standard V-mount batteries which is a nice option for bloggers and run and gun Cinematographers alike. No need for a power outlet, just mount and shoot. Vmount battery is not included, I did however already have one and it worked like a charm.

K40003 F&V K4000s Bi-color led light

Diffuser and accessories

A way to diffuse the light is always welcome, the kit comes with a option to mount a diffusor screen in front of the led light

K40004 F&V K4000s Bi-color led light

The kit comes with two power cords, UK and European.

K40006 F&V K4000s Bi-color led light

Build Quality

I bought a couple of cheap lamps previously and I abandoned them immediately because the build quality for  attaching them to my lightgear such as C-stands was too poor . The F&V seems to hold up very nicely.

K40007 F&V K4000s Bi-color led light


  • 400 Pure Color LEDs Bi-Color Balanced (3200K – 5600K)
  • Variable Dimmer (0-100%)
  • Illuminance: 2490 lx @ 1m
  • Color Rendering Index (Ra): ≥85%
  • Milk-White Diffusion Filter

Get them here

If you want to check them out This is where I got them




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