Making America safe “again”

A new type of autonomous drone has been spotted in and around the NYC area. In this 360 video we can see it patroling Main Street Park on the Brooklyn side using its new autonomous mode “Silent Hill”. The drone is the new PPD concept from Meshmen Industries and will soon be available in all major sporting goods departments nationwide.

PPD stands for Personal Protection Drone and can serve numerous tasks. Here it is straight from the Meshmen Industries press release of their new concept drone:

The PPD vehicle is being developed by Meshmen Industries as a family drone that will help keep your children, pets and loved ones safe in any situation. It comes with a gps equipped smartphone for user interface interaction and 4 pre programmed modes.

Mode 1:
Silent hill: the user defines an area on the map and it guarantees that you will be completely alone within the given boundaries.

Mode 2:
Smart buddy: it serves drinks from the internal mini bar, tells you jokes and gives you compliments while keeping an eye on outside threats.

Mode 3:
Bad neighbours: you have an annoying neighbour? No problem! Enter the gps location and it deals with the situation as it sees fit.

Mode 4:
I’m hungry: send it for a food pick up. No change required!

What if the drone have been sold out on release date?
Don’t worry tutorials how to recreate the movie seen here using Mari, Maya Autopano Gigga will soon be available over at or your favourite texturing blog The Mari Channel.

Author: The Mari Channel

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