Mari 3.x objects | Part 2

Importing alembic object into Mari is easy but to get the proper subdivision tags out from Maya is a bit trickier, In this tutorial we take a look at how we add a tag in Maya to the geometry we want to subdivide inside of Mari

From the Autodesk documentation

Select the transform node of the mesh that you want to export an Alembic file.

    1. Add the Sub Division Mesh attribute to the mesh’s shape node by doing the following:
        • In the Attribute Editor, select Attributes > Add Attributes.
        • In the Add Attribute window, under New, type SubDivisionMesh beside Long name.
        • Under Data Type, select Boolean.
        • Click OK.

      Maya adds a Sub Division Mesh attribute to the node’s Extra Attributes section.

    2. In the Extra Attributes section, turn on Sub Division Mesh.
    3. Select Pipeline Cache > Export Selected > GUID-23B160F6-E1FB-4E29-94B2-7323BFE33726 Mari 3.x objects | Part 2.
    4. In the Alembic Export window, expand the Attributes section.

      Under Attribute, select SubDivisionMesh, and then click Add.

    5. Click Export Selection or Apply.

When you export your geometry to an Alembic cache, the object’s crease information will be included in the Alembic file.



Author: The Mari Channel

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