Mari Extension Pack 4 leaked!


Its a leak or is it?

Well it’s straight from the source!

I can’t imagine using Mari without the extension pack. Some of the workflows I use is heavily dependent on it and is so cemented, I even think they are a part of the Mari stock distribution. This has even been pointed out on a few occasions when I have made my introduction to the Mari 3 series for the community by Jens Kafitz one of the programmers behind the Mari extension pack.

We all need to give them a round of applause for helping the Mari texture community. If you don’t know what I’m talking about just look at the sneak peek demonstration. I heard rumors that there will be more sneak peaks leading up to the final release that is due around the corner.

If you are using Mari it’s a no brainer to get the extension pack
4 Mari Extension Pack 4 leaked!

Author: The Mari Channel

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