The Mari Channel obviously likes Mari from the foundry. Enough so to start a blog named “The Mari Channel”. The relationship with Foundry and the product Mari started when I was working for Fido VFX back in Sweden. We were investigating a pipeline for a stereoscopic documentary called Flying Monsters 3d presented by David Attenborough. We know of the bat that we needed higher resolution painting then we managed earlier. At the time we heard about the Weta in house software called Mari now being produced by Foundry. We contacted them to see if there was a possibility to get our hands on Mari. A few days later I was in full production in Mari 0.9 alpha or whatever the version was called. I remember registering myself on the now obsolete Mari  Paintmore forum that was displayed as a tab in Mari, I came in as user number 9 and stayed on the beta team ever since and the Rest is History.

Now a few years on I wanted to share knowledge around my favourite texture program and I started this blog. The first series of tutorials i captured as screen casts had the title “Bullets Included” the asset being textured were a radio controlled Gatling gun that i made s short around to feature the tutorials online. Later I adopted part of the Renderman specific material available for the Pixar Community



Mari Rig

  • GTX titan Black 6gig
  • Intel core 5960
  • 32gig Ram
  • Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Touch
  • 1TB raided SSD scratch disk