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I bet countless nights and numerous render-hours have gone by within the walls of the building that some people know as MPC, the VFX powerhouse that recently brought us The Jungle Book. While most people stay late for crunch mode I decided to flip the coin and visit early and see for myself what the VFX heavy Soho could offer on an early morning. I brought my HDR gear and took the earliest tube to capture some of Soho’s VFX houses in a new light. While i mounted the HDR rig the sun started to kiss the rooftops and one or two straggling hobos looked at me like I was from outer space taking a million images holding a Promote HDR remote while my Canon made its familiar sound. 

The MPC HDR is the first in a series of Visual Effects Related HDR images I’m going to release for download. Make sure to check in from time to time to check for the latest and greatest new HDR.


The Mari Channel

MPC_4Klow MPC London | HDR

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Author: The Mari Channel

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