The Mari Channel Likes Renderman, Its fact, its universal truth

Why you say?

It’s because Renderman produce beautiful images and its production proven without a doubt. Displacement, beautiful filtering awesome AOV workflow and depth of field the list goes on. But it’s also because its something I have used for a long time at different companies throughout the years I have been in the business. Somewhere along the way I got on the beta team and I enjoy testing all new bells and whistles that the developers produce. It’s also fun to be able to influence the end product. My motto when in a beta program is that programmers has a tendency to think like people in white Nasa work coats. Me I’m an artists and I want artistic controls. The last couple of versions since we entered the new era of Renderman is an interesting one.

The Mari Channel is heavily involved in the Renderman community producing learning materials with the “Bullets Included” series that has been updated on the Renderman site a few times now. Each time covering the new shaders and techniques for each new Renderman update.