Soho in HDR

sohinHDRo Soho in HDR

Beep, beep, beep. The alarm goes off at 05:20 and I grab my prepared gear for an early HDR shoot in Soho. The Piccadilly line starts at 05:30 I’m one the earliest train into Piccadilly circus. It’s the magic hour when I arrive and it’s just me, a few hobos and the cleaning team that is lurking around the VFX heavy streets this early in the morning. First stop the corner of MPC and I can only imagine that some poor soul is still inside checking last nights render. Meanwhile I’m outside blasting the corner with my Canon 5dmkIII and the Canon fish eye 8-15mm fish eye lens. Make sure to check the blog for this and other Free HDRs related to the VFX business in the near future.

Author: The Mari Channel

Peter Aversten Lead Texture artist and Blogger. Started in the 90s writing about graphic art and 3d in Mac Art & Design and VFX art and design magazines under the collumn The Meshmen. In the 2000s I began my journey within VFX and now working as texture artists and blogging in the subject.

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