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Exiting the tube early on a Saturday morning, my goal was utterly shattered upon first entering Golden Square. The name ‘golden’ to me represents something shiny and divine, but the image captured on my retina was far from golden and divine. There was a mountain of trash right outside The Foundry‘s headquarters. Plan B was quickly set in to motion and I ended up taking the first HDR of the day outside the MPC office as seen in a prior post. After making a tour around the Soho VFX heavy blocks I decided to head back via Golden Square and test my luck a second time. And voila…Golden Square had been emptied of the mountain of rubbish apart from one straggling bag of trash opposite The Foundry. I thank the City of London for delaying my HDR capture endeavour as when I returned, the sun was hitting the buildings on the far side of the park contributing to the golden look I had envisaged.

Check out the turntable of the HDR

FoundryThumb The Foundry Free HDR

The spherical HDR and you can see the Foundry office center in frame.

download The Foundry Free HDR

Signup-300x43 The Foundry Free HDR

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