Windy Ridge HDR

windyridge-1024x512 Windy Ridge HDR

Windy ridge HDR is the first in a series of high resolution high dynamic range images I’m going to publish for download. I captured the image on my trip to the Cotswolds here in the UK. Windy Ridge is a bed and breakfast and the estate had nice charm to it, Nick the owner did a great job to make us feel comfortable and at home during our to short stay. The honesty bar down in the lounge room was a great addition and I tipped generously after a few Gin and Tonics.


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Author: The Mari Channel

Peter Aversten Lead Texture artist and Blogger. Started in the 90s writing about graphic art and 3d in Mac Art & Design and VFX art and design magazines under the collumn The Meshmen. In the 2000s I began my journey within VFX and now working as texture artists and blogging in the subject.

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  1. Nice HDR. Im going to use it on my asset. Thanks Mari Channel!

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