• GatlingFinale

    Gatling Finale

    Here  is the last session with the gatling gun asset.  I will continue on other assets and workflow videos so stay tuned but first, take a look at the final chapter and some results

  • univeristy

    Bullets included Pixar

    Bullets included is now up over at Pixar Renderman university as a behind the scenes / Tutorial on GP shading the gatling droid featured here at the Mari channel. As promised bullets are included. Go and…

  • Dirtcolor

    The Dirtcolor and dirtmask session

    This time we take a look at the dirt-color and the dirt-mask. It’s mostly procedural layers and some painting

  • metalmask

    The metal mask session

    In this session we take a look on some of the techniques i used for the metal mask .

  • bulletsincluded

    Bullets included

    A teaser where the project is heading. We filmed it over at Fido. Tomas Näslund is the voice behind the camera. Tracking was made using pfmatchit. Mari for texture , and  Renderman for render and shading….

  • color and decals

    Gatling color and decals

    In this session we take a look at basic color and decals on the gatling Gun.

  • SceneSetupDisp

    Gatling Gun session 2

    The second session of the gatling gun, here we take a look at scene Setup and initial Displacement painting using mari

  • Startup

    Gatling Gun

    The Gatling Gun, Project startup of the Meshmen Gatling Gun 2000 that later on going to be seen in a short i’m working on.

Hercules task

Last year I worked on Hercules over at Cinesite, here is a breakdown and some of my shots is in it

The titan is here

So I left Sweden for a job at Cinesite last year, since then I have been texturing assets and doing Lighting on movies such as X-men, Hercules, nab from U.N.C.L.E and a few upcoming titles. Its…

site updates

I’m starting to collect the videos created in sections so when I produce other tutorials people can get back to old projects. Be sure to check the drop down menus under each section


Roughness in Mari 2.6

Lets take a look on how I deal with roughness when starting a project.  


Channel strategies

Some of the techniques I use when starting a project and how I set up my channels. I like to have some of my more complex basic channel comps in working channels instead of having them…


Rman Shader setup

Basic shader setup inside of Renderman studio, using the GP surface shader. We also look at a workflow to organize the shader texture slots. I will go into more detail of the shader stuff later on when the maps is…